Amor (Love) & Control

Amor y Control” by Rubén Blades became my favorite song ever since I first heard it in 1992. The song offers so many important lessons about family and life but, to me, for some reason the song translated into having the courage to pursue a goal relentlessly and not giving up on it despite adversity. Ironically, in the past two years of triathlon training, I’ve never used the song as inspiration during any of my workouts. Yet, as I started to think about my ambitious goals for this coming season, the song immediately became my mantra: love and control.

Heading into my third racing season, my goals at this point are still broad but certainly more defined than in the past. On the broader side, I need to become a better student of the sport, especially during the execution of training workouts and racing plans. Also, continue the bike strength development and, most importantly, patiently build on my running progress. On the structured side, I’ve already committed to racing more 70.3 (Half-Ironman) races such as Knoxville Half (May), Eagleman (June), and SavageMan (Sept). If I’m honest with my personal ambitions, I should share then that I’m hoping for a breakthrough performance at Eagleman but learning from previous mistakes about getting too ahead of myself, I think is best for now to simply continue putting one training day after another, and worry about performances later.

One thing that is markedly different going into this season that any previous, is the amount of consistent training I’ve put in already. Two weeks ago, I had what felt like a breakthrough workout on the CompuTrainer (indoor trainer). The main set consisted of a ladder of 20-15-10-5 mins hard efforts at various FTP percent ranges with 5 mins recovery in between. Here are the numbers from that set:

FTP Range (%) Duration (min) Watts (ave)
100% 20min 292w
103-105% 15min 299w
108-112% 10min 315w
115-120% 5min 333w

Since I’ve never done a Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test, whenever Coach Greg puts a set like this on my training calendar, he gives me enough guidance and discretion to choose my power target numbers. In this set I pretty much nailed the numbers I was aiming for and it felt like the toughest bike set I’ve ever done not only physically but also mentally. In the end, I was very satisfied with having met my power numbers’ goals, building on a solid week of training.

This being my first blog post, I want to thank my wife Irma, for her amor (love) and understanding; to Isa, our daughter, who keeps me in check by asking “How many miles, Papi?” every time I come through the door after a workout. And Coach Greg for working with me to keep my triathlon development under control.


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  1. Remi

    Even though we are in two extremely different disciplines you motivate me. It’s awesome to see people I know pushing themselves to become the best they can in everything they do (since we were kids!). As a fellow husband, dad, and athlete I know the sacrifices it takes to get to the next level. Understand that you have many people behind you ready to lend a hand when you call on us. Keep killing it, I’ll be looking forward to this blog.
    “Strive for perfection, achieve excellence.”

  2. Jeannette Justiniano

    I have to admire the strength and fortitude it takes to practice your chosen sport. I wish I was there to help you too. My love to you, and to those around you that make it possible for you to do this.

  3. brivtri

    Thanks Remi! I am following your journey as well and your words mean a lot.

  4. brivtri

    Gracias Titi. Mis chicas me cuidan muy bien 🙂 Gracias por tu apoyo!

  5. Jackie Joaquin

    I remember watching your swim meet at Nova and was amazed at that. Wow and you are doing triathlons! So proud of you for doing what you love, literally racing towards your goals, and most importantly showing your daughter dreams can come true with hard work and commitment. Proud of you!

  6. brivtri

    Thanks Jackie!

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